Teresa & Leni | Sommerein AT

Although this was a very challenging session, being my last photo shoot this summer because of the pregnancy and given the fact that Leni, the horse was … well let’s say … pretty active 🙂 , I somehow managed to take some really nice photos of Teresa and her horse in the sunset light ❤ I think you’ll enjoy them too! 😉 vorschau-04vorschau-05vorschau-07vorschau-09vorschau-10vorschau-12vorschau-14vorschau-15vorschau-17vorschau-19vorschau-21vorschau-23vorschau-25vorschau-27vorschau-28vorschau-30vorschau-32vorschau-34vorschau-36vorschau-37vorschau-39vorschau-40vorschau-42vorschau-43vorschau-45vorschau-47
Hair and Make-up by Brush Powder and Hair | Paulina Moldovanvorschau-49

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