Alex + Thomas | Woods boho after wedding

Alexandra and Thomas are a lovely couple that we photographed at their awesome boho garden wedding back in 2015 🙂 We set out to do an after wedding in the woods, but we never thought we would get to do it only after 2 years (because of different circumstances) … anyway – I think it was totally worth the wait, don’t you? 🙂pre-03pre-05pre-06
She is the kindest person you could meet and she and her husband make such a good team together 🙂 You should see their 3 little cute kids … ❤pre-08pre-10pre-11pre-13pre-14pre-16pre-18pre-20pre-22pre-24pre-25pre-27pre-28pre-30pre-31pre-33pre-34pre-36pre-38pre-39pre-41pre-43pre-45pre-47pre-49pre-50pre-52pre-53pre-55pre-57pre-59pre-60pre-62pre-63pre-65pre-66pre-68pre-69pre-71pre-73pre-74pre-76pre-78pre-80pre-82pre-84I am in love with how this after wedding session turned out! ❤pre-86

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