Duma Family | Giveaway winners

Here are our giveaway’s winners: Stephanie, David and Oliver ❤ Such a cute cute family! Stephanie’s hair and make-up were done by the talented Brush Powder & Hair ❤
I am currently preparing my baggage for a short trip to Italy so my time for writing is limited but most important: Thank you guys for participating! And for the others: we’ll hear each other again with the next giveaway in late summer 🙂 Cheers!sarahbel-05sarahbel-06sarahbel-08sarahbel-09sarahbel-10sarahbel-11sarahbel-13sarahbel-15sarahbel-17sarahbel-21sarahbel-26sarahbel-27sarahbel-29sarahbel-30sarahbel-36sarahbel-37sarahbel-39sarahbel-41sarahbel-47sarahbel-51sarahbel-54sarahbel-56

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