Dora + McKenna | The Cotton Mill, GA

Oh, there are so many beautiful words I could say about this wedding … although we all know I am more about taking photos, creating, than writing.. I have to admit writing is not really my thing, but hey! I’m trying here 😀

Dora & McKenna’s wedding was indeed something else. Comparing to all the Austrian, Romanian and other nationalities weddings I’ve attended, this was quite different, but in a very good way. This wedding took place somewhere in Georgia, more exactly at The Cotton Mill Even Venue in Jefferson, GA, a gorgeous, splendid, amazing industrial wedding venue ❤ It has always been on my bucket list to shoot at least a wedding on another continent, so after Dora shared a few pictures with me from the location we were going to shoot their wedding at, I was in cloud nine! ❤ and when we got there, to see all the wedding decoration, flowers and everything, I already knew this was going to be a fabulous wedding.

What was so different about this american wedding in comparison to most of the european weddings? Well first of all: I loved how relaxed this wedding was, there was almost no pressure at all, I had plenty of time to shoot the wedding details, which happens so very rarely (by the way, the more time I get for the wedding details, the more creative I get, you’ll see 😉 ), Also between each moment of the day, there was a cool-down moment. Usually at the Austrian weddings, there’s very little time to catch your breath and mentally and physically prepare for the next important moment, but here we had a lot of time to prep ourselves and also take a little break and charge our internal batteries from once in a while 😀

Secondly, I LOVED how the whole thing took place at a single venue (prep, ceremony, group pictures, bridal pictures and reception), so when you’ll look at the gallery and when the bride and groom will look in their wedding photo album, there’s going to be a story there, everything makes sense and it simply looks better ❤

I loved how because we had a rehearsal dinner the day before, we could like see what angles fit best for the best shots, we could set our lighting in advance which helps a lot also with taking the pressure off on a wedding day 😀 and we could better organise things like the walking down the aisle and little things that make a wedding perfect.

I loved that we had plenty of time to shoot the reception or ceremony room alone (because ha! everything was there, I just needed to switch rooms), I loved how opened Dora was to my proposal to do the letter-reading part in front of the arch, by her reading the letter to him directly, but without seeing each other and i loved so many other things ❤ But I prefer to let the pictures speak for themselves, so here it is:



One thought on “Dora + McKenna | The Cotton Mill, GA

  1. I absolutely love everything captured about this wedding! The love, the joy, the elegant simplicity…you captured it all! Absolutely heartfelt and uniquely personal! Congratulations for giving us a peek into a fairytale love and new beginnings!


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