Claudia + Martin | Veda Hof Wedding

It’s wedding season y’all! ❤ I’m going to tell you a bit about this wedding … Claudia and Martin picked the Veda Hof as their wedding location, which is a few kilometers north of Linz. in Austria. A magical, quiet and romantic venue, with a hint of rustic and boho, combined to make the perfect spot for their most special day. One thing that immediately caught David’s and my attention, was that the bride was SO SO HAPPY, and you could see it on her face literally all day long , so the pictures turned out accordingly ❤ Have a look:blog-02blog-03blog-04blog-05blog-06blog-07blog-08blog-09blog-10blog-11blog-12blog-13blog-14blog-15blog-16blog-17blog-18blog-19blog-20blog-21blog-22blog-23blog-24blog-25blog-26blog-27blog-28blog-29blog-30blog-31blog-32blog-33blog-34blog-35blog-36blog-37blog-38blog-39blog-40blog-41blog-42blog-43blog-44blog-45blog-46blog-47blog-48blog-49blog-50blog-51blog-52blog-53blog-54blog-55blog-56blog-57blog-58blog-59blog-60blog-61blog-62blog-63blog-64blog-65blog-66blog-67blog-68blog-69blog-70blog-71blog-72blog-73blog-74blog-75blog-76blog-77blog-78blog-79blog-80blog-81blog-82blog-83blog-84blog-85blog-86blog-87blog-88

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