F•A•M•I•L•Y | Christmas Session | Vienna

I feel so blessed to get to live in Vienna, where I can find such pretty places to photograph at 🙂 For example this really cool studio, that has like the cutest decorations and the loveliest atmosphere and let’s not forget the nicest managers 🙂 also a great thing is that they try to change the decoration with every season ❤ how cool is that?!

And when I also get to photograph such pretty pretty families like the Oprescu family, I am just in awe 🙌 I really hope you like these photos, I couldn’t limit myself to just one post on my blog about the Christmas mini sessions 😀 I HAD to post this one too 🙂 Enjoy!blog-03blog-04blog-06blog-07blog-08blog-09blog-10blog-11blog-12blog-14blog-15blog-16blog-17blog-19blog-20blog-21blog-22blog-23blog-25blog-26blog-27blog-28blog-29blog-30blog-31blog-32blog-34blog-35blog-36blog-37blog-38blog-39blog-41blog-42blog-43blog-44blog-45


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