Stephan + Hayeon | wedding Albertina Pfarrwirt Vienna

Remember a while ago I posted this pre-wedding session of Hayeon and Stephan?
Now you get to see their actual wedding day … and boy it was beautiful! The ceremony, which was held in 3 languages: korean, german and french, took place in the Musensaal in Albertina and the reception and the oldest Pfarrwirt in Vienna 🙂 Such romantic locations ❤ I do hope you enjoy scrolling through these photographs. Enjoy!blog-004blog-005blog-006blog-008blog-009blog-011blog-012blog-013blog-014blog-016blog-017blog-019blog-021blog-022blog-023blog-026blog-027blog-029blog-031blog-033blog-034blog-035blog-036blog-037blog-038blog-039blog-041blog-042blog-043blog-044blog-045blog-046blog-047blog-048blog-050blog-051blog-052blog-053blog-054blog-055blog-057blog-058blog-059blog-060blog-061blog-062blog-063blog-064blog-065blog-066blog-069blog-070blog-071blog-072blog-073blog-075blog-077blog-079blog-080blog-081blog-082blog-083blog-084blog-085blog-087blog-088blog-090blog-091blog-093blog-094blog-096blog-097blog-099blog-102blog-104blog-105blog-107blog-108blog-109blog-111blog-112blog-113blog-114blog-115

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