Stephan + Hayeon | Pre-wedding session

Here we are with a special wedding photo shoot edition … and why is that? Well because for the first time, we had a couple do their bridal session like a month before the wedding. I loved the idea that they were already going to have the photos printed at the wedding for the guests to see 🙂 love love love ❤ Stephan and Hayeon’s very special wedding was actually last Saturday, the 7th of July and we can’t wait to share those photos as well 🙂 soon guys!blog-02blog-04blog-05blog-07blog-08blog-10blog-12blog-13blog-15blog-16blog-18blog-19blog-20blog-22blog-23blog-25blog-26prewedding_049prewedding_052prewedding_056blog-29prewedding_014prewedding_017prewedding_040blog-32prewedding_065prewedding_079

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