Cornelia + Patrick | Himmelblau Rust

blog_01Cornelia & Patrick’s wedding was such a tasteful wedding and I’m not saying this easily … Beside the fact that the couple was lovely and so friendly, everything was so well organised, from the chosen locations for the preparations (Art Boutique Hotel in Rust) and then the location for the ceremony and reception at Himmelblau in Rust, to the unique and lovely dress, outfits for each bridesmaid and groomsmen oh and let’s not forget about the CONVERSE shoes that each one of them had on! ❤ They were simply COOL 🙂 Their wedding cake was also special. It was the first time we saw a cake with a map on it ❤

The ceremony … oh the ceremony! I think it was one of the most touching ones ever! Their vows for one another were so emotional and full of love, that they touched every heart and tear in that room 🙂 And did I mention the ceremony took place in a vintage boho barn? Oh my … ❤

In 2-3 words: I was fascinated by this wedding 🙂 So, enjoy!blog_02blog_03blog_04blog_05blog_06blog_07blog_08blog_09blog_10blog_11blog_12blog_13blog_14blog_15blog_16blog_17blog_18blog_19blog_20blog_21blog_22blog_23blog_24blog_25blog_26blog_27blog_28blog_29blog_30blog_31blog_32blog_33blog_34blog_35blog_36blog_37blog_38blog_39blog_40blog_41blog_42blog_43blog_44blog_45blog_46blog_47blog_48blog_49blog_50blog_51blog_52blog_53blog_54blog_55blog_56blog_57blog_58blog_59blog_60blog_61blog_62blog_63blog_64blog_65blog_66blog_67blog_68blog_69blog_70blog_71blog_72blog_73blog_74blog_75blog_76blog_77blog_78blog_79blog_80blog_81blog_82blog_83blog_84blog_85blog_86blog_87blog_88blog_89blog_90blog_91blog_92

They leave a little sparkle wherever they go ❤blog_95

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