Yelena + Christian, Naomi & Jane | Vienna

This year we’ve been blessed to make a few new friends and … this family – they’re special! ❤ Such great people 🙂 Yelena, who’s also a photographer at Niva Studios, has been our assistant at Sarah Bel this year, assisting David at weddings instead of me and she did such a good job 🙂 They have two very pretty and cute girls, as you’ll be able to see in the next photos 🙂 So … enjoy!selection-03aselection-04aselection-07selection-08aselection-09aselection-11aselection-12aselection-14aselection-15aselection-18selection-19aselection-21aselection-23selection-25aselection-26aselection-28aselection-29aselection-33selection-34aselection-37selection-39aselection-40aselection-41aselection-42aselection-43a_1selection-45aselection-47selection-49aselection-50aselection-52aselection-53aselection-55aselection-56aselection-58aselection-60aselection-61aselection-63a

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