Alina + Onisim | Dürnstein | Wachau | AT

I have to say: I got so excited when I found out I was going to photograph this couple, because first of all I knew they have artistic souls and free spirits, so I knew it was going to be special … unique and secondly, I had the freedom to choose a cool location, even though it wasn’t so close to Vienna, where we live. I knew that they were willing to go far away and endure the cold, for some cool cool shots 😀 So here they are: Alina & Onisim (you may also know him as Pumn de Tarana, a talented christian rapper). Enjoy! I certainly did!blog-03blog-04blog-06blog-07blog-09blog-10blog-12blog-13blog-14blog-16blog-17blog-19blog-20blog-22blog-23blog-25blog-26blog-28blog-29blog-30blog-32blog-33blog-35blog-36blog-38blog-39blog-40blog-42blog-43blog-45blog-46blog-48blog-50blog-51blog-53blog-54blog-56blog-58blog-60blog-61blog-63blog-64blog-66blog-67blog-68blog-70blog-71blog-73blog-74blog-76blog-77blog-78blog-80blog-81a

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