Eva + Dorin | Expecting | Maternity Gown

Baby Leah, my fist NIECE is coming soon folks and I can’t wait to see her sweet lil’ face ❤
This is a photo shoot I did at the end of August and it’s very special not only because these people are dear friends of mine, but also because the two dresses that Eva is wearing were made by me 😀 yeah! I am thinking of creating some more maternity gowns to create some magic photos like the ones you’re going to see and to offer them as a service at Sarah Bel. I wanna know what you think of this idea 🙂 Would you be interested in such a maternity photo shoot?blog_02blog_03blog_04blog_05blog_06blog_07blog_08blog_09blog_10blog_11blog_12blog_13blog_14blog_15blog_16blog_17blog_18blog_19blog_20blog_21blog_22blog_23blog_24blog_25blog_26blog_27blog_28blog_29blog_30blog_31blog_32blog_33blog_34blog_35
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did and see you soon with some more creations 😉blog_36

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