The Traditional Austrian Family

This month I had the honour to photograph the siblings of an Austrian family and what I loved about them, besides the fact that they were big fans of the “Sound of Music” movie 🙂 , was that for their first outfit, they chose traditional Austrian clothes ❤ This was a first for us and we are so excited with the photos 🙂 Enjoy guys!blog-02blog-03blog-05blog-06blog-08blog-09blog-11blog-13blog-15blog-17blog-19blog-21blog-25blog-27blog-29blog-30blog-31blog-32blog-35blog-37blog-38blog-42blog-44blog-46blog-48blog-50blog-52blog-53blog-55blog-56blog-57blog-59blog-60blog-61


2 thoughts on “The Traditional Austrian Family

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