Adelina & Benjamin | Chicago USA

Here I am again with the last photo shoot I did in Chicago with Adelina & Benjamin, a charming and delightful couple … yaay! 🙂 Initially we wanted to take photos in Lincoln Park Conservatory, because I saw some pictures that were taken there and I thought it was sooo beautiful, but we ended up taking pictures in the outdoor park near the Conservatory, because … well yeah … it was already closed at that hour :p

But leaving all aside, we took some pretty cool sunset photographs … we did catch the best light for some portraits and I am very happy with the result. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Adelina & Benjamin | Chicago USA

  1. At my drama troupe, there was a guy who'd been in The Hobbit musical (Npghnyyl, vg jnf Ybeq bs gur Evatf, ohg V qba'g jnag gb fcbvy Znex ol fnlvat Tbyyhz ergheaf), and he had played Gollum. Once he did a presentation of his song, with me as the hobbit sitting in the middle. Creepy and brilliant as Hell.


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