Hello Sunshine!


Hi guys! I am in Romania for a couple of days and since my homeland has such beautiful sights, I thought a nice autumn-winter-springish photo shoot would come in just fine 🙂

So I contacted this very talented and gorgeous hair and make-up artist, Clau, from Antoanette Hair Design and we did a fun, spontaneous session in the woods, near Codlea. I have to tell you: it was so easy photographing her, she had it in her and afterwards, in post-processing, I didn’t really have to do much more besides fixing the light, contrast and the colours, because her make-up was perfectly done. Loved working with her and I promise you’ll be seeing more of her pretty soon 😉

I recommend you scroll through the whole thing … there’s so much beauty to look at throughout the entire session, so enjoy! 🙂

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Hair & Make-up: Clau | Antoanette Hair Design
Photography: Sarah Belblog-70

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