Amy + Marius + Emma | Sibiu


In the past few weeks we’ve been spending our days in our homeland and we also got the chance to see some dear friends, somewhere near Sibiu.

Amy and Marius are such a pleasant couple – they are the couple that have won the best wedding in 2014 at Sarah Bel, then we also had an expecting shooting with them, here in Vienna. We are so glad that in the meantime a nice friendship was founded!

They recently had a baby girl, named Emma – a true angel, full of energy and beauty, that she got from her mother 🙂

Here are some Christmasy pictures that we took during our stay there:

blog03blog04blog06blog07blog09blog10blog12blog13blog15blog16blog18blog19blog21blog22blog24blog25blog27blog28blog30blog31blog33blog34blog36blog37blog39blog40blog41blog42blog44blog45blog47blog48blog50blog51blog52blog53blog55blog56blog57blog58blog60blog61blog62Thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to photograph your family again. We felt very spoiled and well treated, so thank you very much for these great memories that we have with you now 🙂blog63

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