Eva & Dorin – Proposal in Berlin

A while ago, Dorin (my brother-in-law) told David and me that he was going to surprise Eva with a proposal in Berlin and he wanted us to capture that special and unique moment. We immediately got on board and oh, we were so excited about it!

The day finally came … we went to Peacock Island near Berlin and began the search for a romantic place for the proposal. There was this hidden passage made out of little trees and Dorin thought it would be the perfect place to hang lanterns, fairy-lights, pictures of them and candles. After carefully decorating the place nicely, we got our gear ready for the big moment.

blog_01 blog_02 blog_03 blog_04 blog_05 Dorin was good to go!blog_06

Eva was visiting Berlin with a friend of hers (Andra, our accomplice), who helped us bring Eva to this place. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story 😉

blog_07 This is when she realised what was really going on, as she saw me (Sarah) photographing them.blog_08 blog_09 blog_10 blog_11 blog_12 blog_13 blog_14 blog_15 blog_16 blog_17 blog_18 blog_19 blog_20 Yes indeed – she had NO clue about this surprise!blog_21 blog_22 blog_23 blog_24 blog_25 blog_26 blog_27 blog_28 blog_29 blog_30 blog_31 blog_32 blog_33 blog_34 blog_35 blog_36 blog_37 blog_38 blog_39

Stay tuned for more beautiful photos on our website www.sarahbel.com.blog_40Also: here’s the original video footage of the whole thing 🙂

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