BTS – Wedding Styled Shoot in Schönbrunn

The vintage look allows us to remember and experiment the beauty of the past centuries, with the advantage of being able to mix the different styles of past times and to combine them in a creative way. This way we can create unique moods and atmospheres. A dress from the 30s with a 50s hair style and matching make up, everything photographed in a classical ambience – the possibilities are almost endless.

We chose five young women with different features, hair colors and hair lengths, so that the make up artist and I can show future brides, how we work with different kind of people and in different situations and to encourage them to try new styles for their wedding (be it regarding make-up, hair, dress, location or photographer).

For this special shoot we found the perfect location that suits each of our bride’s styles: the Royal Suite of the luxurious Parkhotel Schönbrunn in Vienna. It uniquely combines the Viennese flair with the magnificent neobaroque ornamentation and modern comfort.

Our shooting was also featured on a great wedding blog from Austria, Hochzeit um 3 or if you want to see all the final pictures, head over to my website and take a look: Wedding Styled Shoot.

My friend and Assistent, Miriam Ilie took all the Behind the Scenes photos – thank you very much Em!

bts_01 bts_02 Edita’s beautiful creations 🙂 I wish I had a week time to take photos of the girls wearing her head pieces!bts_03 bts_04 Paulina is the best make-up artist I’ve worked with so far and I am very grateful to have found her!bts_05 bts_06 bts_07 bts_08Girls just wanna have fun … but they also want to relax :pbts_15 bts_16 bts_18 bts_19 bts_20bts_27 bts_28 bts_29 bts_30 bts_31 bts_32 bts_33bts_36 bts_37 bts_38 bts_39 bts_40 bts_41 bts_42 bts_43 bts_44 bts_45 bts_46 bts_47 bts_48 bts_49 bts_50 bts_51 bts_52bts_54 bts_55 bts_56 bts_58 bts_59 bts_60 bts_61 bts_62 bts_63 bts_64 bts_65 bts_66Photography Miriam Ilie (BTS) Sarah Bel Photography (project)
Make-up & Hair Paulina Moldovan
Models Cathi Helfer (Body and Soul), Lia Saroni, Anca Cheta, Bianca Petrule
Headpieces Edita Rosenrot 
Flowers Blumen Palmberger
Cake homemade by E. A. Oprescu
Typography em–ilie
Wedding dresses privat
Location Parkhotel Schönbrunn Vienna

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