Two photographers in Paris

In March, me and David went to Paris for the first time! It was a dream come true and we tried to enjoy each and every moment of it! We stayed in an apartment, which was right next to the Notre Dame Cathedral – it was a great feeling to hear the bells ring every morning, such a pleasant sound …

We visited the Notre Dame Cathedral, of course, the Eiffel Tour and Trocadero, Pont Bir-Hakeim, Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, Jardin du Palais Royal, Jardin du Luxembourg, the Pantheon, St. Germaine, Musee Rodin and other smaller but nice locations, like the Shakespeare and Company awesome book store. It was a smashing experience and we can’t wait to go back there 🙂

I also had the honour to wear one cute, fluffy and peachy tütü made by the one and only Anielle Designs. Go visit her blog and show some love – she really deserves it!


paris_03 paris_04 paris_08paris_11paris_10 paris_13 paris_14 paris_16 paris_17 paris_19 paris_21 paris_23 paris_25 paris_27 paris_29 paris_31 paris_32 paris_34 paris_35 paris_37 paris_39 paris_41 paris_43 paris_44 paris_46 paris_48 paris_49 paris_50 paris_51 paris_53 paris_55 paris_57 paris_59 Oh so pretty! ❤paris_61 paris_62 paris_64 paris_66 paris_67 paris_69 paris_70 paris_71 This was one of my favourite places in Paris, Jardin du Palais Royal.paris_72paris_78Beautiful Magnolias were already blooming in March! Paris is just awesome! 🙂paris_75 paris_77 paris_80paris_81 paris_83 paris_84 The Impressionists were very interesting for David :))paris_86 paris_87 paris_88 paris_90 paris_92 paris_93 paris_95 paris_96 paris_97 paris_98 paris_99Sometimes we were too tired to carry our heavy cameras, so here are some pictures taken with our phones:

Point Zero in front of Notre Dame (right) and (left) my big helium balloon prepared for our shooting there with Ciprian Lupan. You can see more photos Such a beautiful corner right behind our apartment! We also had a shooting there with 2 cute sisters – photos coming up!paris-phone2 This was the view from our kitchen paris-phone3 We tried to take a selfie of me, David and the Eiffel Tour all in one Panorama – this is what we got :))paris-phone4 paris-phone5 paris-phone5a paris-phone6 paris-phone7 paris-phone8Yes, we tried the snails – they were pretty good!
paris-phone9 Late night activity with the girls 🙂 Fun, fun fun!paris-phone10 Delicious french food! ❤paris-phone11 paris-phone12 paris-phone13

Bye bye Paris! We hope to see you soon! ❤

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